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Oh So Exciting Activity Box for Babies and Toddlers

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What makes the Activity Box unique?

Who is the Activity Box suitable for?

The activity box is suitable for caregivers, nannies, Au pairs and parents working with babies or toddlers in a one on one situation. It is not suitable for groups of babies, unless the baby and caregiver ratio is 1:1. Training is available.Age Categories

What are the different age categories?

The daily (morning) programme and afternoon activity cards are divided into different age categories to ensure suitable activities to help reach key milestones during the important developmental stages.

What is included in the Activity Box?

Manual Oh So Exciting Manual

The manual offers basic information on:

Morning ProgrammesMorning Programmes

The morning programme consists of an A4 poster for each age category.
The activities in the daily programme are repeated every day as repetition is very important for learning.
The activities change every three months up to 18 months to make them age appropriate.
The last six months are grouped together (18 to 24 months). There are four daily programmes (A to D) for the 18 to 24 months category.

Afternoon Cards
Afternoon Cards

Each age category pack contains 16 cards. One card should be used each day and once you have done all 16 cards, you should start again with card 1 (day 17).
Each of the cards includes a combination of the following type of activities:

  1. Fine motor activities
  2. Auditory perception activities
  3. Visual perception activities
  4. Tactile, gustatory and olfactory perception activities
  5. Gross motor activities
  6. Emotional and cultural activities

Growing Child Publication

The Growing Child Publication is a monthly child developmental newsletter timed to a child's age. These publications are brief and easy to read and focus on various aspects of raising a child.

Click here to view a sample

Developmental Checklist

The comprehensive, easy to use developmental checklist included in the box offer a list of general skills that a “typical” baby or toddler will master during a certain period of time.

Nanny/Caregiver Training

We offer nanny/caregiver training for the implementation of the Activity Box for Babies and Toddlers. The training will focus on:

Click here for more information about the Nanny Training course offered.

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