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Oh So Exciting Activity Box for Two to Six Year Olds
A School Readiness Programme

Activity Box for 2-3 year olds collage

What makes the Activity Box unique?

Who is the Activity Box suitable for?

The activity box is suitable for parents and caregivers working with two to six year olds. The activities can be adapted for group activities.

What is included in the Activity Box?


The manual offers basic information on programme implementation, areas of development, Growing Child, activity planners as well as references.


Different age categories included:

Each of the cards include a combination of activities within the following areas of development:

Equipment Included

The following equipment is included:

Growing Child Publication

The Growing Child Publication is a monthly child developmental newsletter timed to a child's age. These publications are brief and easy to read and focus on various aspects of raising a child.

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Developmental Checklist

The comprehensive, easy to use developmental checklist included in the box offer a list of general skills that a “typical” child will master during a certain year. This can be used as a reference to ensure that your child master important skills during that year.

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